Next is What We Do

Next is What We Do

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Virtual Open-House

The Advanced Technology Center will be hosting our annual open house on Thursday, June 30th, 2022 starting at 4:00 PM. Although we are disappointed we are unable to host a live, in-person event, all of our teachers and students are excited to bring this event virtual and spread the word of the ATC!

Phase 1

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

The ATC's Director, Michael D. Taylor, will be starting off our virtual open-house with a zoom call welcoming and really encapsulating what the ATC is, as well as our vision and meaning. Accompanying Michael Taylor will be four ATC Alumni to share their success story and how the ATC has impacted them.

Phase 2

5:00 PM - 8:45 PM

Phase 2 will consist of informational sessions with our clubs and classes at the ATC. Each club and class has a dedicated page that can inform you a little more about what they do and their purpose. Feel free to bring questions! Within each session will be student volunteers that are eager to share about their experience within their particular club/class!

Missed the zoom meeting? No worries! All of our zoom calls will be recorded and availiable to students and parents! The contact information for teachers and club sponsors are also availiable on their designated page in case you come up with any new questions!

Phase 3

8:40 PM - 9:00 PM

Phase 3 will consist of a final closing zoom session with Directior, Michael D. Taylor, for any last questions, comments, or concerns about the ATC overall! Teachers and club sponsors will also be accompanying Michael Taylor on the call in case there are any last minute questions for them as well.

Informational Sessions

We have set up multiple different sessions so you can visit every class and club youre interested in! Each information session will conist of the teacher and students within that class/club to help answer any questions and give a stronger idea as to what goes on within the class/club. Dont worry if you miss a zoom meeting or have additional questions after the conclusion of our open-house, all zoom recordings will be posted and any additional questions can be emailed directly to the teachers.

Session 1

5:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Session 2

5:35 PM - 6:05 PM

Session 3

6:05 PM - 6:35 PM

Session 4

7:05 PM - 7:35 PM

Session 5

8:05 PM - 8:35 PM

Computer Science Web Design Software & Game Development Cisco Network Engineering Cybersecurity Systems Technology Information Technology & Cyber Foundations
Network Administration & Cyber Defense Software & Game Development Web Design Cybersecurity Systems Technology
Engineering Engineering Design Modeling & Simulation Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering Game Character Design Engineering Technology
Engineering Technology Architectural Design Game Character Design Engineering Technology Modeling & Simulation
Digital & Marketing Digital Design Marketing & Entrepreneurship Digital Design


Here at the ATC our classes are divided up into three categories Information Technology & Computer Science, Digital Design & Marketing, & Architecture, Engineering, & Manufacturing. While courses are divided by categories the classes throughout the ATC often work together, whether it be in-class projects/assignments or through clubs and extra curricular activites.

We find it to be our job to prepare the future generations of tomorrow with the skills necessary for success. With this, we offer a plethora of industry certifications for every class at the ATC at no cost to the student or their family! Each course has a pathway of certifications which every student is given the resources and knowledge to acquire.

Recent Events

Way to Go
April 4, 2022

The Network Administration and Cyber Defense II students applied their forensic skills today to view and extra information from this images metadata! The students were tasked with finding several pieces of information including the exact location the image was taken, what the photographer was doing and why they were there!

Lego Builders
April 1, 2022

Students within the Architectural Design class applied their skills and built two cityscrapers, out of legos, to be set up for display in the TCC Joint-Use Library

Nauticus Meeting
March 30, 2022

Thank you Allie Wood, Marketing Coorinator, for teaching our Advanced Marketing & Entrepreneurship students more about the marketing and business at Nauticus! Today the students learned event planning and promotion, the increasing visits from the cruise industry, and the evolution of her job.

Mutual Learning
March 25, 2022

Today the Advanced Web Design and the Advanced Marketing & Entrepreneurship students worked together to learn from each other and develop a website for the Web Design student's business project!

Competition Greatness
March 28, 2022

Congraduations to Network Administration & Cyber Defense classes for their excellent results in the Radford Capture the Flag (CTF) competition! Out of the 138 participating teams the Network Administration students placed 6th, 10th, 12th, 18th, 20th, 29th, 35th, and 59th. The teams that placed 6th and 10th, [Redacted] & Cybersharks, have been invited to attend Finals, which will be held on April 23rd.

Impressive Competitors
March 26, 2022

This past weekend the Costal Virginia Cybersecurity Student Association hosted the Cyberforge Capture the Flag competition, at Old Dominion University. Out of the 23 teams competing, only two were from Virginia Beach high schools! The ATC team, nicknamed “53 59 4E 54 41 58 20 45 52 52 4F 52 53” (Hexadecimal for Syntax Errors), placed second overall and were only a little bit behind the first place winners. The ATC team consisted of four first year students in the Network Administration & Cyber Defense I class, Cameron Grimsley, Donovan Coats, Brysen Knorr and Martin Phillips. We are excited to see whats to come!

Road for Success
March 26, 2022

Four teams from the Network Administration & Cyber Defense I and II classes competed virtually in the Capture the Flag Cybersecurity competition, from the Great Computer Challenge (WHRO and ODU). These teams were tasked with challenges ranging from forensics to cryptography/encryption and even the usage of the Windows and Linux Operating Systems! While the placements are unknown until May, our teams are confident in their performance and look forward to hearing the results.

Collaboration in the Classrooms
March 22, 2022

Today the Marketing & Entrepreneur and Web Design students worked together to develop websites for our businesses! The Marketing & Entrepreneur students provided the content and information while the Web Design students builted the web sites for the project.

March 22, 2022

Congraduations to Jayden Zuniga and John Warner, Modeling and Simulation Class, for earning a perfect score on their SolidWorks Certification Exam! These two are now offical members of the ATC "ACES" Club!